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CNC Milling

CNC Milling is a computer-controlled process involving using a cutting tool to remove part of a workpiece. The basic setup involves placing the workpiece on the machine’s table while the cutting tool/s attached to the spindle rotates and moves to shape the workpiece into a finished product.This is also our main machining service

CNC Turning

Take advantage of the on-demand CNC turning service and get reliable metal and plastic turned parts for your unique projects. With advanced technologies and expert technicians, China CNC Shop produces high-quality custom prototypes and end-use production parts. Our CNC turning capabilities allow us to deliver turned parts with high accuracy, regardless of the complexity. You will get durable parts from flats to radial and axial holes, slots, and grooves as fast as one day.

Swiss Machining

Swiss machining is a part manufacturing process commonly used for tiny such as the component of watches. It originated in watch-making Switzerland but is now applicable in several industries globally. This article will extensively discuss the process, its mechanism, properties, comparison to other manufacturing processes, and overall use in part manufacturing.

About China Shop

With advanced manufacturing technology and a highly skilled team, China CNC Shop(Be-Cu) has always maintained an excellent competitive advantage. We custom our manufacturing services to meet your specific product design needs, including CNC milling,Precision turning and swiss turning.



We share information, tips and things we've learned from our years in the rapid prototyping and manufacturing industry.

Analysis of various casting materials

Analysis of various casting materials Page Contents  hide  1. Analysis of various casting materials 1.1. (1) Cast steel 1.2. (2) Cast light alloy 1.3. (3) Casting composite materials 1.4. (4) Cast iron Castings have a significant impact on mechanical products, and Read more…

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Sylue cnc blog provides you with the basics, design considerations, materials, surface finish, cost, and more about CNC machining to help you create quality machined parts with aesthetic appearance.

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