What is the reason why the processing table of CNC wood machining engraving machine is uneven? CNC woodworking engraving machine, as the name suggests, is used for woodworking engraving work. During the engraving work, if the table is not flat enough, it will affect the accuracy of the engraving machine and the quality of the product to a certain extent.

For customers who frequently do relief work, when making tool paths, we know to choose larger tools. Then use a smaller tool to perform related processing. Although the step selection is correct, the shading produced is very obvious, but the effect is much worse.Reasons Why The Machining Table Of CNC Woodworking Engraving Machine Is Uneven

There is nothing wrong with the selection steps, so why does such a problem occur? In fact, many times, it is not a question of tool selection. In the final analysis, the processing table in the woodworking space is uneven to a certain extent, which leads to uneven processing of products.

If we encounter such a problem during processing, how should we solve it?

First of all, we still have to confirm whether there is an error in the model of the tool. After further judgment, if there is no problem, we will conduct relevant analysis from other aspects. The difference between wood carving and stone carving is that there is no uneven ground caused by the tip of the tool or the broken edge. The process of processing woodworking products is a constantly changing process. If the handle of the tool extends too long during this process, the tool will inevitably deform and increase. This situation will greatly lead to the uneven processing surface. In fact, the perpendicularity between the spindle and the processing table also affects the flatness of the processing table. When the spindle is tilted in the Y direction, there will inevitably be steps in the X direction. If this happens, then we can only remove the spindle motor and readjust the spindle verticality. There is another problem that is easily overlooked, that is because the base of the Solid Wood CNC Engraving machine is not fixed properly. Just like the foundation, if the foundation is not laid properly, it is only a matter of time before the house collapses.

Therefore, the base is not fixed properly, which causes the machine to vibrate, causing the tool to vibrate. So let me ask, can a shaking tool carve a smooth texture? Frequent movement of the machine’s position will also cause the table surface to be uneven, so when we choose the location of the machine, we must firmly fix the four corners of the machine. By taking the above details and precautions, I believe the tabletop of the development of wood CNC machining engraving machine will be as smooth as ever.


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