CNC machining center machining is a high-precision, high-efficiency machining process with a wide range of applications. This article will introduce the processing principle, structural composition, operation process, maintenance and other aspects, aiming to better help users understand and master the use methods and precautions of CNC machining centers.

1. Processing principle

CNC machining centers use numerical control technology to realize automatic processing of workpieces. The processing principle is to place the workpiece on the processing table, and control the movement track of the processing tool through the numerical control system, so as to realize the processing of the workpiece. During the machining process, the CNC system will continuously issue instructions to the machining tool to control its movement on the machining plane with a predetermined path, and cut the workpiece according to the instructions and parameters programmed by the machining program, and process the workpiece into the required shape and precision. .

2. Structure

It is mainly composed of machine tool, processing table, automatic tool change system, numerical control system and other parts.

  • 1. Machine tool: mainly composed of bed, column, beam, worktable, spindle box, etc. The bed is the main body of the machine tool, carrying the work of the entire machining center. The uprights are fixed to the bed and serve as supports for the load-bearing beams and workbenches. The crossbeam is fixed at both ends of the column to support the processing table. The workbench is installed on the beam and can move along the XYZ three-axis direction to control the position of the machining tool. The headstock is the general term for the main shaft and drive system.
  • 2. Processing table: The processing table is the main place for workpiece processing. According to the instructions of the numerical control system, the processing table can be rotated and moved up and down in order to cut different parts of the workpiece.
  • 3. Automatic tool change system: The automatic tool change system is an important part. This system can automatically control the replacement of tools and also maintain the tool inventory.
  • 4. Numerical control system: The numerical control system is the core part, responsible for controlling all machine tool parts, and executing the instructions and parameters programmed in the processing program, so that the processing tool can cut according to the specified path to realize the processing of the workpiece.

3. Operation process

  • 1. Formulation of processing plan: Before processing, the operator needs to formulate a processing plan according to the shape, size, material and processing requirements of the workpiece.
  • 2. Writing programs: CNC machining centers use numerical control technology to process. It is necessary to write programs to tell the machine tool the position to be moved, the selection of processing tools, the processing speed, etc. to achieve processing.
  • 3. Set the process parameters: according to the processing plan and the written program, set the corresponding process parameters, such as processing speed, feed speed, depth of cut, etc.
  • 4. Loading and unloading the workpiece: clamp the workpiece to be processed on the workbench, and then fix the workpiece on the workbench through the clamping device for processing. After the processing is completed, the clamping device is released and the workpiece is removed.
  • 5. Operation console: The operator can start, stop, speed adjust and monitor the machining process of the CNC machining center through the operation console.
  • 6. Complete processing: During the processing, the CNC system controls the relative movement of the tool according to the processing program, cuts according to the predetermined path, and processes the workpiece into the required shape and precision.

4. Maintenance

CNC machining centers need to pay attention to the following points during use:

  • 1. Keep the machine tool clean: After daily use, the machining center should be cleaned, especially the cleaning of the cutting area and important parts.
  • 2. Regularly check the lubrication: regularly check the condition of the lubricating oil, keep the lubrication system in normal operation, and ensure that each lubrication point can be fully lubricated when the machining center is running at high speed.
  • 3. Maintain the electrical system: Regularly check the wiring of the electrical system to ensure the normal operation of the electrical control system and avoid failures caused by loose wiring.
  • 4. Maintain the pneumatic system: regularly check the pressure of the pneumatic system, air pipes, etc. to ensure the normal operation of the pneumatic control system.
  • 5. Replace the tool: Change the tool regularly and maintain and clean the tool to keep it in good processing condition.

In short, the CNC machining center is a machine tool with complete functions and simple operation. During the processing operation, the operator needs to operate and maintain according to the workpiece requirements, equipment operation process and corresponding maintenance requirements to ensure the successful completion of processing.

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