Be-Cu prototype is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the processing and manufacturing of high-precision parts. The company has advanced processing equipment, focusing on high-precision processing, and quality first; it has four-axis and five-axis machines, CNC, CNC lathes, slow wire, internal and external More than 30 sets of various advanced processing and testing equipment such as circular grinding machines, milling machines, surface grinders, and three-coordinates;

Provide customers with professional precision machinery parts processing, and provide you with integrated services of processing, heat treatment, and surface treatment; reasonable price, high-end quality; focus on high-precision, challenging parts, core parts of equipment, and research and development parts Processing factory; focus on single parts, small and medium batch non-standard parts, metal parts, precision parts processing. Through strong self-owned production capacity, we can provide fast processing services including CNC processing, precision tooling fixtures, etc., super fast quotation; good quality, fast delivery, high precision;

Be-Cu prototype main business scope

Be-Cu prototype provides hardware parts, non-metal parts, hardware products, fixtures, superhard tungsten for customers in industries such as automobiles, industrial non-standard machinery, semiconductor industry, medical equipment, precision machine tools, food packaging, communications, and home appliances A professional company specialized in R&D, manufacturing and technical support of steel ceramic parts and automation equipment. The company has first-class manufacturing strength, perfect production control system, quality assurance system and scientific management system; it has become a reliable partner of customers with speed/quality/cost/service.

Be-Cu prototype was formally established in 1995. It provides various equipment core components and R&D parts for large-scale equipment development customers; various professional processing equipment, complete testing and guarantee equipment, and professional staff skills; we have always been efficient, energy-saving, Safety and practicality are the production goals, and we spare no effort to provide various industrial parts and industrial automation equipment and products that are suitable for customers. Based on the principle of “quality for survival, innovation for development”, we strive to manufacture first-class industrial parts to serve customers; we have become long-term partners with many well-known enterprises.

We implement relevant national quality system standards; abide by social conventions and national laws and regulations, we promise to treat customers with an extremely honest and cooperative attitude; serve customers with industrial parts that exceed customer expectations, and provide customers with systems with rich experience and advanced technology s solution.

Business purpose:

Mainly based on advanced manufacturing technology, we provide solutions and products of industrial parts and industrial automation equipment suitable for customers, and help the national manufacturing and machinery manufacturers to improve their efficiency and product competitiveness.

Adhering to the business philosophy of precision manufacturing and timely service, we will achieve the long-term operating goals of independent operation, continuous and stable growth, and profit sharing among employees. And then become a national, professional industrial parts manufacturing company.

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