Nowadays, many factories still operate machine tools manually. With the development of the economy, factories are becoming more and more industrialized. Many factories have already used computer digital control machine tools for operations. CNC machine tools can automatically operate any Products and components are processed directly.

The CNC machining center is a CNC machine tool with a tool magazine and can automatically change the tool, and can perform various CNC Machining operations on the workpiece within a certain range. Compared with traditional manual operations, the advantages of CNC machining centers are:

  • 1. High precision and high quality CNC Machining
  • 2. Multi-coordinate linkage can be carried out, and parts with complex shapes can be processed;
  • 3. When the shape and size of parts need to be changed, only need to change the NC program, saving production preparation time
  • 4. The machine tool itself has high precision and high rigidity, and can set an appropriate CNC Machining amount to improve CNC Machining efficiency
  • 5. The machine tool has a high degree of automation, which reduces the labor intensity of workers
  • 6. Batch production, product quality is easy to control

The disadvantages of CNC machining centers are:

  • 1. High technical requirements for operators and machine maintenance personnel
  • 2. However, its CNC Machining route is not easy to control, and it cannot be as intuitive as ordinary machine tools

In order to improve the quality of CNC mechanical parts processing, it is necessary to find out what are the main factors that cause processing errors. This is more critical. Afterwards, corresponding measures are needed to reduce or control the occurrence of these factors. Next, I will introduce you to improve the CNC Machining of mechanical parts. 5 methods of quality:

  • 1. Error grouping method: This method divides the working size of the bad hair or the previous process into n groups according to the error size after measurement; then adjust the position of the tool relative to the workpiece according to the error range of each group, so that each group of workpieces The center of the size dispersion range is basically the same, which can greatly reduce the size dispersion range of the entire batch of workpieces.
  • 2. Error compensation method: This method is mainly to create a new original error to offset the inherent original error in the original process system, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing CNC Machining error and CNC Machining accuracy.
  • 3. Error transfer method: This method is essentially to transfer the geometric error, force deformation and thermal deformation of the process system to the direction that does not affect the CNC Machining accuracy. For example, for the multi-station process with indexing or indexing or the process of processing with indexing tool post, the error of indexing and indexing will directly affect the machining accuracy of the relevant surface of the part.
  • 4. Error averaging method: This method uses closely related surfaces to correct each other, or use each other as a benchmark for processing. It can make those large local errors affect the entire CNC Machining surface more uniformly, so that the processing errors transmitted to the workpiece surface are relatively uniform, so the processing accuracy of the workpiece is correspondingly greatly improved.
  • 5. In-situ processing method: Some precision in CNC Machining and equipment matching involves the relationship between parts and components, which is quite complicated. If you blindly improve the precision of the parts themselves, sometimes it is not only difficult or even impossible, but the use of in-situ processing can solve this problem. The main points of in-situ processing: To ensure the positional relationship between the parts, use a part to install a tool to process a part in such a positional relationship.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC machining centers, I hope they can help you. BE-CU.COM has 30 years of experience in production and R&D, and has multiple CNC and CNC lathes. It can provide precision machining services according to customer needs. Welcome to consult us.