Why do mass production of precision shaft parts prefer centering machine chucks?

As the market demand for precision shaft parts continues to increase, it has also driven the market demand for traveling machine equipment and its supporting spring chucks.

So why do mass production of precision shaft parts prefer centering machine chucks?

Compared with CNC Turning lathes, traveling machines have made a qualitative leap in processing efficiency and processing accuracy. Due to the dual-axis arrangement of tools, the machining cycle time is greatly reduced, the exchange time between the tool and the opposite tool platform is shortened, the overlapping function of multiple tool platforms, the effective axis movement overlap function of thread chips, and direct spindle indexing during secondary processing function, shortening the empty walking time. Precision shaft

The perfect match between the centering machine lathe and the centering machine chuck

What Are Precision Shafts Used For Mass Production?The chip cutter has been machined in the spindle and workpiece clamping part, which is a necessary condition for using spring clamps. Longli walking machine chuck has a reasonable overall structure, good rigidity, and can withstand large torques, eliminating looseness during rotation and ensuring unchanged processing accuracy. Currently, the largest cnc machining diameter on the market is 32 mm, which has great advantages in the precision shaft processing market. This series of machine tools can be equipped with an automatic feeding device to achieve fully automatic production of a single machine tool, reducing labor costs and product defect rates. It is ideal for high-volume production of precision shaft components. It’s no wonder that many manufacturers are so fond of machine chucks.


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