Casting is an important basic process of industrial machinery and one of the main methods to obtain mechanical product blanks. However, with the increasing precision and miniaturization of mechanical industry machinery, the development of precision casting is becoming more and more trend oriented.

At present, a major characteristic of China’s casting industry is the rapid development of township enterprises. The number of township casting factories has exceeded that of state-owned casting factories, and the casting production of township casting factories accounts for about half of the total casting production in the country. However, there are not many high-precision castings produced for precision casting, and most of them produce pipes, hardware, horses, and automotive parts with low precision requirements. The alloy types are single, especially the proportion of high-temperature alloys and non-ferrous alloys is too small.

precision casting manufacturers
precision casting manufacturers

There are still many problems in China’s precision casting industry, such as unreasonable industrial structure and concentration of industries on labor-intensive products; The decisive role of production factors is weakening; Industrial energy consumption is high, output rate is low, environmental pollution is severe, and it has a great destructive power on natural resources; The overall scale of the enterprise is relatively small, the technological innovation ability is weak, and the management level is backward; Technology intensive products are significantly lagging behind developed industrial countries; It can be seen from this that China’s precision casting level is still relatively backward.

In addition to seeing these problems in China’s precision casting industry, the existence of advantages has also led to a certain degree of improvement in China’s precision casting.

  1. China has lower labor costs, abundant raw materials, and a significant advantage in product prices. As long as product quality is improved, it still has great competitiveness internationally.
  2. At present, the rise of high-tech industries in China, the development of precision and miniaturization in the mechanical industry, and the introduction of some regulations and local regulations in the construction industry have replaced cast iron pipe fittings with cast copper and stainless steel castings, providing unprecedented commercial opportunities for the precision casting industry.
  3. The joining and rapid development of China’s private precision casting industry has injected fresh vitality into the industry and has become the strongest and most realistic competitor of the national precision casting industry.

In short, in order for China’s precision casting industry to have a step forward, it is necessary to solve these problems and gaps, continuously improve casting quality and economic benefits as the center, lay a solid foundation, improve enterprise quality, adjust industrial structure, allocate resources reasonably, adopt advanced production processes and technical equipment to transform the casting industry, and strive to develop towards the international market.

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