IMD is the acronym for In Mold Decoration in English, which is the in-mold injection molding process.

IMD—-in-mold decoration inlay injection molding technology is a new type of mechanical and electrical panel manufacturing process. Since the 1990s, it has developed from the original double-layer film interlayer bonding structure of the film panel to injection molding. Three-dimensional structure forming Technology has become the current popular nameplate processing technology. The IMD control panel manufactured has changed the traditional style of the original two-dimensional flat panel, and developed into a new style of the Trinity panel combined with film sheet, silk screen ink graphics and injection molding resin.

IMD control panel —- is to put the film sheet with graphic and text pattern on the silk screen into the injection mold cavity and solve injection molding defects after hot pressing, and then close the mold for injection molding. The injection molding resin is combined with the ink layer on the back of the film sheet, and the panel graphics are placed between the film sheet and the injection molding resin, and the graphics and text will not be worn out due to long-term use and friction. The IMD control panel is based on injection molding, its shape and size can be kept stable, and it is easier to assemble. Therefore, IMD technology is often applied to the panels of automobiles, household appliances, medical equipment, and mechanical equipment. It integrates decoration and functionality. One.

1. IMD Product Features

IMD control panel decoration graphics and logos are in the injection molding resin, which will not be worn away by friction or chemical corrosion. The injection mold can be reused, and only need to replace the film sheet with different graphics, logos and color designs. Three-dimensional products, strong sense of three-dimensional.

Graphics, logo backlight and high light-transmitting window effects can be customized according to customer needs.

The functional keys of the IMD control panel are well-proportioned and feel good, and the service life can reach more than 1 million times. The three-dimensional nature of the IMD control panel changes shape according to the design of the product. The injection molding undercut process can achieve a seamless fit with the product.

2. Application field of IMD/IML panel

Household appliance industry: control decorative panels for rice cookers, cooking machines, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, fingerprint code locks, etc.;

Electronics industry: calculators, digital cameras and other decorative shells and signs; Automotive industry: dashboards, car light shells, signs, handles, etc.; Computer industry: keyboards, mice, etc. shells;

Communication industry: mobile phone buttons, mobile phone shells, mobile phone cases, window lenses; Other industries: medical equipment, cosmetic boxes, decorative boxes, toys, etc.

3. The development prospect of IMD process

IMD in-mold injection molding process and injection molding color matching is used in household appliances, electronics, automobiles, medical equipment, mobile phones and other industries. According to different ideas of designers and different needs of products, various products with personalized shapes can be designed to meet the needs of the development of the times. The IMD process can realize the perfect combination of functionality and decoration, and can also produce different special effects, such as: button bulging, metal mirror or matte surface, metal wire drawing effect, window transparency, etc.

The IMD control panel can replace the traditional thin film panel. Its popularization in the home appliance machinery accessories industry can realize energy saving and environmental protection, and will bring huge economic and environmental benefits to society and enterprises.

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