With the continuous improvement of machining technology, the machinery manufacturing industry has gained a lot of room for development. The emergence of numerical control technology has brought many conveniences to machining, and it has provided important technical support for the development of machinery manufacturing. Numerical control technology can effectively control the equipment and process of machining by using its own digital function, and the use of numerical control equipment, numerical control programming and other technologies makes machining more systematic, greatly improving the accuracy and technicality of machining, reducing mechanical Processing errors to ensure the quality of machining.

The basic concept of numerical control technology

Digital control technology, referred to as numerical control technology. Numerical control technology is a technology that uses digital information to control machining and motion processes, which has brought great help to modern machining. Numerical control technology not only includes traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, computer technology, sensor detection technology and network communication technology, optical electromechanical technology, but also has its own advanced technology, such as: it has high precision, high efficiency and flexible automation, etc. features. Numerical control technology mainly adopts computer control. After pre-programming, the programmed control program is used to realize the control function of the equipment, which enhances the flexibility of machining and improves the working efficiency of the equipment.

Numerical control technology also promotes the development of CAD and CAM technology in the direction of practicality and engineering. Later, due to the rapid development of microelectronics technology, the performance of the CNC system has been greatly improved, and the functions have been continuously enriched. Under the background of advanced CNC technology, different fields of machining have also received different development needs. Numerical control technology is a combination of computer technology, digital control technology, numerical control technology, numerical control programming, software development and application, etc., that is to say, numerical control technology has become the main body of advanced machining.

Application of Numerical Control Technology in Machining Field

1.Application of numerical control technology in the automobile industry

With the rapid development of my country’s modern automobile industry, the processing technology of auto parts is the top priority of the automobile industry, so its development is particularly important. The emergence of numerical control technology has also driven the automotive cnc machining technology of auto parts, accelerated the process of rapid manufacturing of complex parts, and further consolidated my country’s status as a major processing country in the international market. Numerical control technology also enables the integration of two major machining centers, that is, combining the “high flexibility” and “island efficiency” of high-speed machining centers and other high-speed CNC machine tools, which not only meets the requirements of continuous product upgrading, but also It can achieve long-term and high-efficiency benefits, and the production efficiency is close to the rigid automatic line of combined machine tools. It also breaks the traditional concept of “economic scale” in automobile production and realizes efficient production of multiple varieties and small and medium batches. The numerical control processing technology in the field of mechanical processing can not only be easily and conveniently realized in the processing and manufacturing of complex parts, but also the virtual manufacturing technology, flexible manufacturing technology and integrated manufacturing technology in the numerical control technology have been obtained in the automobile manufacturing industry. Extensive and in-depth applications.

2.Application of Numerical Control Technology in Industry

Industrial production, industrial robots and traditional CNC systems are all composed of control units, drive units and actuators. In industrial production, CNC technology is mainly used in the production line of machinery and equipment, such as food processing and manufacturing in light industry, paper printing, etc.; and in complex and harsh labor environments, such as metal smelting in heavy industry, fertilizer processing, pesticide processing, resources mining etc. Generally speaking, in industrial production, numerical control technology mainly replaces workers to complete tasks that cannot be done manually. This will help to improve the working conditions of the staff, ensure the personal safety of the staff, and greatly save the labor force. Most importantly, due to the high-precision characteristics of numerical control technology, it can help improve production efficiency while ensuring production quality and achieving low cost and high efficiency. The operation of numerical control technology is mainly controlled by the computer system. As long as the compiled program is installed in the computer system, it can work automatically after issuing instructions. If there is an error or failure, the sensing system and detection system will transmit the error information to the computer system, and at the same time send out an alarm signal, and will automatically stop the corresponding work to play a protective role.

3.Application of Numerical Control Technology in Machine Tool Equipment

Mechanical machine tool equipment is an important part of the machining process, and the control capability of machine tool equipment is the key to realize the automation of machining. The emergence of numerical control technology has greatly improved the control ability of machine tool equipment and improved the efficiency of machining. Numerical control technology effectively controls the machine tool equipment, controls the machine tool to perform machining work, and improves the machining efficiency of the machine tool while also ensuring the quality of mechanical manufacturing. The main application principle of numerical control technology is to control the machine tool through codes, and program the machining steps, required equipment and operation methods on the numerical control device. The numerical control device will control the machine tool according to the programmed numerical control information. The mechanical processing work is completed under the control of numerical control technology.

4. Application of numerical control technology in coal mine machining

The application of numerical control technology in coal mine mechanical processing has promoted the rapid development of the coal mining industry and led to the development of related industries — coal shearers. Due to the different environments in which coal mines are mined, modern coal mining machines are developed at a fast speed and have many varieties, and they are all produced in small batches. Welding parts are also increasingly used in the blank manufacturing of various casings. Traditional machining is difficult to realize the blanking of a single piece. However, numerical control technology can easily solve this problem by cutting materials. It replaces the past The popular profiling method uses the program object of the keel plate as the shearer blade and the drum, thereby further optimizing the selection scheme of the nesting material. In coal mining machines, the advantages of using numerical control technology are reflected in the following aspects:

  • (1) Numerical control technology makes the cutting speed of the shearer faster and improves the coal mining speed, and the cutting blade can complete more collection within a certain period of time.
  • (2) The CNC technology shearer used is not only more reliable in quality, but also has better results than traditional mechanical processing, and can better and effectively complete mining tasks.
  • (3) On the other hand, the use of numerical control technology enables the automatic coal mining machine to avoid the danger of manual mining, and accordingly reduces the occurrence of coal mine accidents.
  • (4) The welding groove of some parts of the CNC gas cutting machine can be cut directly, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The CNC gas cutting machine contains an automatically adjustable kerf compensation device, which allows program control of the actual contour of the component, so that the machining allowance of the blank can be precisely controlled by adjusting the compensation value of the kerf, and better configuration resources to achieve optimal production profits.

3. Innovation and development of CNC technology in machining

The research and development of numerical control technology has brought great changes to machining and has become an important technology of machining. Numerical control technology must be continuously innovated and adapted to the changes of the times in order to get a good development and bring better technical support to the machining industry.

The development of networked numerical control technology and intelligent numerical control technology The networking of numerical control technology combines the information of machining with the processing production line, which improves the work efficiency and virtual functions of CNC machine tools, and can clearly understand the process of machining and improve the quality of machining. efficiency and quality. The intelligent numerical control technology is improved on the original numerical control technology, which makes the numerical control technology more systematic and refined, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of machining. The purpose of the development of intelligent numerical control technology: ① In order to improve the efficiency and quality of machining; ② Effective monitoring of the machining process, timely maintenance can be carried out; The driving ability reduces the trouble of connection.

Development of high-speed, high-quality numerical control technology

With the development of machinery manufacturing industry, the requirements for numerical control technology are getting higher and higher. The machinery manufacturing industry needs the support of higher efficiency and high-quality technology. Numerical control technology must constantly improve its own technical capabilities and have high-efficiency and high-quality work capabilities. The development of high-speed and high-quality numerical control technology can meet the needs of modern machinery manufacturing, improve the efficiency of machining, improve the quality of mechanical products, reduce the time of machining, save the cost of machining, and contribute to the development of machinery manufacturing. Bring good economic benefits.


Numerical control technology has been widely used in mechanical processing, which improves the efficiency and quality of mechanical processing and promotes the development of mechanical manufacturing. With the continuous development of numerical control technology, high-efficiency, high-quality numerical control technology, networked numerical control technology, and intelligent numerical control technology have become the development trend of numerical control technology, bringing more development space for the machinery manufacturing industry.


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