Cast silver is an alloy used for casting, and the raw silver is a silver material with high purity.

1. Definition and characteristics

Cast silver is a silver alloy, mainly composed of silver, nickel, zinc, copper and other elements. It has good castability, plasticity and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in casting various silver jewelry, handicrafts, etc. Raw silver refers to natural silver elements mined from the ground. It usually contains extremely high purity and good ductility and plasticity. It is the main material for manufacturing various silver jewelry.

2. Purpose

Cast silver is mainly used in arts and crafts, jewelry production, commemorative coins and other fields, such as silver tableware, silver jewelry, silver artwork, etc.; while raw silver can be made into silver bars, silver coins, silver jewelry and other items, and can also be used as precious of rare metals.

3. Difference

The biggest difference between cast silver and raw silver lies in the materials used. Cast silver is a silver alloy containing a variety of elements. It has certain processability and ductility, and is suitable for casting various commemorative coins, jewelry, etc.; while raw silver is a silver material with higher purity and has good plasticity and ductility. It is suitable for making various silver jewelry and reserves.

In addition, there are differences in prices, uses, etc. between cast silver and raw silver. Generally speaking, the price of cast silver is low, while the price of raw silver is relatively high; cast silver is mainly used for the production of silver jewelry, commemorative coins, etc., while raw silver is more used for the production or storage of silver jewelry(As Casting Silver Rings).

To sum up, there are obvious differences between cast silver and raw silver in terms of materials and uses. When making or using silver jewelry, commemorative coins and other fields, different silver materials need to be selected according to different needs.


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