What Is Bakelite?Bakelite is a synthetic cardboard material. Once the bakelite board is heated and formed, it cannot be molded into anything else. It has the characteristics of non-absorbent, insulating, heat-resistant and high strength, and is widely used in the production of electrical products. Because of its cheap raw materials and good product characteristics, it has become the primary substitute for some plastic products.

Its raw material price is almost 50% of the price of ABS. Although bakelite needs to be heated during molding, the processing time is longer than that of ordinary plastic, the mold is damaged, and the conditions for steel are strict. However, due to the advantage of its raw material price, it is still a substitute for many plastic parts. Excellent mechanical strength, anti-static and non-conductive. It is made by using insulating impregnated paper soaked in phenolic resin, baked and hot-pressed. It is suitable for use in motors and electrical equipment with strict mechanical performance requirements, for insulating structural parts, and can also be used in transformer oil. It has good electrical properties and good mechanical productivity at daily temperatures. It has a specific gravity of 1.45 and a warpage of less than or equal to 3%. It has good electrical, mechanical and production properties. It is the most common laminate and the most widely used and most used industrial laminate in the world.

The Materials And Manufacturing Methods Of Bakelite Boards

The main material of bakelite board is phenolic resin, followed by cellulose paper or glass fiber cloth. The method of making bakelite boards is to soak cellulose paper or glass fiber cloth in a phenolic resin solution, and then heat and compress it under high pressure after special treatment. Bakelite board has a relatively high density, high surface hardness, smooth appearance, strong mechanical strength and excellent insulation properties.

The Characteristics And Uses Of Bakelite Boards

Bakelite board has good insulation properties, mechanical strength and heat resistance, so it is widely used for insulation and decoration of electrical equipment. Compared with other insulation materials, the advantage of bakelite is that it has a higher density and therefore can withstand greater mechanical stress, while also having better wear resistance and penetration resistance. In addition, bakelite boards also have good water resistance, high stability, and are not easily damaged by ultraviolet radiation.

Bakelite boards are widely used in the electric power industry, electronics industry, chemical industry and other fields. In the electric power industry, bakelite boards are mainly used to manufacture high-voltage electrical insulation parts, such as transformer partitions, power switches, etc. In the electronics industry, CNC Machining bakelite boards are mainly used to manufacture printed circuit boards, insulated electrical appliances and electronic instruments. In the chemical industry, bakelite boards are mainly used for the insulation and protection of tanks, pipes and containers.

The Precautions For Bakelite Board

Although bakelite has good insulation properties, you still need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The bakelite board should not exceed the specified operating temperature range;
  • The surface of the bakelite board should be smooth and flat, without defects such as cracks and bubbles;
  • When using bakelite boards, attention should be paid to controlling the mechanical force to avoid damaging the insulation layer;
  • Bakelite boards should not come into contact with organic solvents, grease substances, etc., so as not to affect the use effect.

In Conclusion

Bakelite board is a high-performance insulating material with excellent insulation properties, mechanical strength and heat resistance. It is compressed from phenolic resin and cellulose paper or glass fiber cloth after special treatment. It is widely used in the power industry, electronics industry, chemical industry and other fields. When using bakelite boards, you need to pay attention to some things to avoid affecting the insulation effect.


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