The specific meaning of “bom” is: bill of materials, the full name is Bill of Material.

“bom” can have multiple meanings, and it can mean different things depending on the context. Here are a few of the possible explanations:

BOM (Byte Order Mark): This is a computer term referring to special characters used to identify byte order when storing and transmitting byte sequences. It usually appears as an invisible special character at the beginning of the file. BOM is used to identify the byte order to indicate whether the file uses big endian or little endian.

BOM (Bill of Materials): This is a commonly used term in the field of manufacturing and engineering, which means a list of items or bill of materials. It lists the various parts, components, raw materials required for the product and the required quantities. BOM is usually used for planning, procurement and production management in the manufacturing process.

BOM (Bureau of Meteorology): This is the abbreviation of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, which is an official agency responsible for monitoring and releasing Australian weather and meteorological information. The agency is responsible for forecasting the weather, issuing weather warnings, and providing weather data and services.

In the Mechanical Engineers and CNC machining industry, BOMs generally refer to the list of items in the manufacturing industry.

To adopt computer-aided enterprise production management, first of all, the computer must be able to read the composition of the products manufactured by the enterprise and all the materials involved. In order to facilitate computer identification, the product structure expressed in diagrams must be converted into a certain data format. The file that describes the product structure in a data format is the bill of materials, or BOM. It is a technical document defining the product structure, so it is also called product structure table or product structure tree. In some industries, it may be called a “recipe,” “table of ingredients,” or other names.

BOM is not only an important input data in the MRPⅡ system, but also an important basis for the financial department to calculate costs and the manufacturing department to organize production, etc. Therefore, BOM has the greatest influence and the highest requirements for its accuracy. The correct use and maintenance of BOM is a very important work during the operation of the management system.

In addition, BOM is also an important interface between CIMS/MIS/MRPⅡ/ERP and CAD, CAPP and other subsystems, and is the key point of system integration. Therefore, when using a computer to realize BOMs management, full consideration should be given to its information exchange with other subsystems question.


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